All Creature Show Episodes So Far...

Episode 1: "Salamander Rain"

Synopsis: On the first warm rain of early spring, salamanders march by the thousands to the vernal pools in which they breed. In New Jersey, this ancient amphibian rite has become a deadly pilgrimage, as busy roads now crisscross the salamanders’ migration routes. In this first installment of The Creature Show, witness the rain-drenched efforts of conservationists to get salamanders across the road in one piece.

Episode 2: "Terror in the Bat Cave"

Synopsis: Found deep within bat hibernacula in New Jersey is something terrifying… an invasive fungus that has killed 95% of little brown bats and 99% of northern long-eared bats. While scientists across the country are desperately searching for a cure, New Jersey conservation biologists are doing what they can to help bats hold on, including protecting bat habitat and educating the public about an often misunderstood animal.

Episode 3: "Snakes in the Pines"

Synopsis: A forest named the Pine Barrens remains a stronghold of the timber rattlesnake, northern pine snake, and corn snake, all threatened or endangered in the state of New Jersey. But snakes are not safe even in the heart of this relatively undisturbed 1 million-acre forest, the largest between Richmond, Virginia and Maine. Conservation biologists working to protect these snakes are facing off against their major threats, including roads, inbreeding depressing, poachers and off-road vehicles.

Episode 4: "Birds of May"

Synopsis: On the sandy beaches of the Delaware Bay, in New Jersey, a visitor arrives each May from the southernmost tip of South America. Name: Calidris canutus rufa. The rufa red knot. For two crucial weeks, the birds gorge on the eggs of horseshoe crabs as they refuel for the next leg of their journey to the Arctic. The problem is, horseshoe crab eggs are nowhere near as plentiful as they once were...

EPISODE 5: “Dogs & Bobcats”

Synopsis: Bobcats once roamed every corner of New Jersey. But that was a long time ago. Learn about the efforts of biologists and conservationists to reintroduce bobcats to the state and provide wildlife corridors that will allow the species to once again expand its range. (Plus, meet a wildlife conservation dog named Bear.)